Take a trip to the Afrikan kontryside with sweet songs, melodic guitar riffs and rootsy rhythms by Wanaku & SUNplugd. "Start every day off with a smile and get it over with." W. C. Fields

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african sound, madiba, mandela, Indigenous People

New Single Release!

Mandela Tribute Song "

Recently released August 15, 2015: MADIBA!, A Tribute Song to Nelson Mandela.

Purchase the song. Support the Arts.

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african sound, Indigenous People

New CD Release!

People "

Released a full album in July 2012: Indigenous People, a follow up of a double single: Bei Samoh - Tell the Truth, released in 2010.

Hope you play it - over and over ... and again.

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african sound, Bei Samoh, Tell the Truth

CD Release!

"Bei Samoh -
Tell the Truth"

It's been a while since my last music production: AfrikanGuitarStrophy in 2006. And so much water has passed under the bridge. Before this water empties into the oceans I thought I send out one more SOS - "message in a bottle".

Hopefully one of you is going to find it and reach out to someone you love, say a kind word, share some peace & love ... in Truth.

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AfrikanGuitarStrophy "OO Le Le!"

In trying to come up with a title for this album, I reflected on the Afrikan human experience which is filled with catastrophic stories. From slavery, wars, the environment to basic food, shelter and clothing problems. Afrika is in a state of catastrophe.

However, anyone familiar with the music, cultures and traditions of Afrika knows that what is called modern Afro-Pop music is essentially propelled by rhythm (drums, etc) and melody (voice, with the guitar often used as a lead instrument).

It is again a catastrophe that music/music education is at the bottom
on the list of curricula in Afrikan educational institutions. It is an AfrikanCatastrophy.
AfrikanGuitarStrophy is an attempt to open the discussion. Enjoy Sweet Afrikan Kontry Muziki.

Wanaku, The TribalMonk

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Indigenous People



Vocals: Wanaku, Aimee Bryant, Thomasina Petrus
Drums Programming: Wanaku
Percussions: Gbassay Zinnah,Ethi Ramanujan, Eliezar Dos Santos, Wanaku
Keys: Brian Ziemniak
Bass: Wanaku
All Guitars: Wanaku

Cover design by Wanaku

Cover Art by Selma Jauseau, Age 6

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered
Recorded @ Grassfields Music Studios, iJim-Kom Kingdom
Mixed/mastered @ WildSound Studios, Mpls-MN, USA
Recording Engineer: Wanaku
Mix/Mastering Engineer: Steve Kaul



1. Eyes of Your Own Child

Uh Uh uh uh uh! V1 While grown men, boys, Girls and women Talk and Think about wars How they'd fight and Kill each other In many different ways Who's thinking of the children? V2 See them playing on the streets Hear their laughter, Screams of joy And the occasional awi When they get hurt Do you think about them? They're not planning any war Or a fight to kill whoever They have a life to live And not a life to lose Now that is what I am talking about Do you think about them? Uh Uh uh uh uh! V1 V2 When elephants fight Grass suffers When adults fight Kids suffer Such a simple fact Why is it so hard For adults to understand? Uh Uh uh uh uh! When you fight and win You only live to fight another day Where are the kids In this picture Where are the kids In this future Are they out of sight? And then out of mind? The answer is In the eyes of your own child Are you looking at them? !


2. Indigenous People



3. That Sweet Song



4. No More War (Salsa)



5. Peter Denied Me 3x




OO Le Le



Vocals: Wanaku, Aimee Bryant, Thomasina Petrus
Drums: Greg Schutte
Percussions: Gbassay Zinnah, Moses, A. Gillepsie, G. Schutte, Wanaku
Keys: Brian Ziemniak
Horns: Chris Thomson
Bass: Serge Akou, Yohannes Tona, G. Schutte, Wanaku
Guitars: Wanaku

Afrika-Guitar art by Sinbad

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered
Recorded @ Hot Igloo Studios, Mpls-MN, USA
Mixed/mastered @ WildSound Studios, Mpls-MN, USA
Recording Engineer: Greg Schutte, Mix/Mastering Engineer: Matt Zimmermann



1. Danz of the BumbleBeez

Originally called "Night of the Stealth Cat" this track is inspired by the jazz standard "Take 5". When I heard it for the first time I thought some musicians from my village had sold out. This one is dedicated to all those in Kom Kingdom who make music. Please don't stop the music!


2. Wake Up!

A smile on your face in the morning is proof that you appreciate your own ressurrection. If you did not know, you resurrect each time your wake up from sleep. Smile and get the day over with.


3. Fire on the Mountain

Fire on the mountain.
Running around and around.


4. Malaika

I love you Malaika (my angel) but pesa (money) is troubling my soul.


5. Long Time No See

Long lost friends
Rembrandt's Prodigal Son.
We meet again,


6. Strangers in this World

The Aborigini women's group in Nkwerre, Eastern Nigeria have a line in one of their songs that says: "Uwa bu onye zuru nke ya la wa" Literally: "The world is who buys his/her own and leaves."
No comment.


7. Moskito Danz

Since the days of Shaka Zulu, mosquitos have presented an undefeatable front to changes in the natural order on the African continent. The fight against mosquitos continues till today. Infact, it has become a danz.
Jump forward.
Jump backward
Jump to right
Jump to the left
Star all over again.


8. OO le le

To all the children of the world - OO le le!


9. Bakassi Chant

This freedom song is dedicated to the fishermen who still struggle to make a living out of the mangrove swamps from Bakassi to Tiko-Victoria. Extensive offshore drilling has turned the clean sandy beaches into a mixture of sand, saltwater and crude oil.


10. Danz of the BumbleBeez

No vocals. Just the stealth cats tip-toeing through the village




Bei Samoh - Tell the Truth



Special Thanks, Peace & Love to:

Rachel Holder, Katie Gearty (Background Vox)

Bruce Jackson, Peter Schimke, Jeff Bailey (Keys)

Serge Akou (Bass/Guitar/Drums)

David Budimir, (Trombone/Trumpet)

Brian Gallagher, (Sax)

Jeff Bailey, (Strings/Drums)

Wanaku, (Guitar/Lead Vox)

Louis Munteh, (Executive Producer)

Brian Lenk, (Photographer)

The Beautiful People of Kom Kingdom, W. Africa, All ATCorp Staff

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Lowetone Studios, Minneapolis:
Engineer: Jeff Bailey
Consultants: Christophe Jauseau, Luc Bernard
Co-Produced by:Serge Akou, Kenn Wanaku



1. Bei Samoh

Fly Me to the Moon
by Bart Howard
Fly me to the moon
And let me play among the
Let me know what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars
In other words
Hold my hand
In other words
Darling smooch me
Fill my heart with song
And let me sing forever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore
In other words
Please be true to me
In other words
I love you


2. Color of Love

Who can tell the color of love?
Who can say what love can do
Who can give a penny for love?
That's something only merchants can do
Love 'n love is everywhere
But who knows where love came from
Needs no bargain
Money can't buy you love
It's a natural thing 2x
Who's got the genie of love?
Who can say their love is true
If you can feel the power of love
Then you'd know how true it can be
Love is something you meet anywhere
Moves like a spirit, fills the air
Love can make you see things you've never seen before
Feelings you can't touch


3. L’Amour, C’est La Vie

On dit l'amour n'a pas de couleur
Et qu'on guerit jamais de sa douleur
On sait meme pas ce que fait l'amour
En plus on ne la marchand jamais pour toujours
Parfum d'amour partout et partout
Mais mais qui sait d'ou vient l'amour
C'est la vie
La vie se vend jamais
C'est comme ca
Moment venu pour se faire valoir
L'amour se trouve pas au trottoir
On aime ou pas toujours pas facile
C'est la ou verite est utile
L'amour se fait pas voir partout
Mais elle vit dans l'esprit de tout
L'amour peut faire voir
Choses qu'on voit jamais
Pleine de sentiments


4. No More War

Why question why |
We do these things to other people
The answer is –
A very long tale
Time and time again |
We hear the message in the news
Man, Woman died |
For nothing much
Many don't seem to know
Just what this life is all about
We know what we know |
And nothing more
Child is born, it grows up |
To see a world of violent cycles |
This ain't no life for me, it says
What u gonna do |
No no nowhere to run
What u gonna do |
No no nowhere to hide
What we gonna do |
Letz try to stop this
Wild cycle (of resentment)
Wild cycle
Together, yes we can | make this
No more war
No more war
Fighting 'n killing each other
Is not the way to go
No more war
No more war
Learn to live as brothers 'n sisters
Or we all die as fools
We can change
We can change it
Let's give it a try
Think of the children
(For) They keep watching
The things you do
We live just to be | what we want to
Give them peace and love
Not these mindless acts of violence
Hold your baby in your arms
Give them much love
Time and time again |
We hear the news on the radio
Man woman dies | …
Please, no more war!